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Big Horn Radon offers three distinct services. Focusing on a small range of services allows us to to offer the absolute highest quality service in each area. We’re excited to work with you.


Getting up and running

We specialize in the residential and commercial installation of radon mitigation systems. We have experience with all foundation materials and have installed systems in a variety of building types, sizes, and locations.

We guarantee our work to be both extremely effective and as visually appealing as possible by paint matching our materials to blend them into your existing gutter system.






Already have a system but not sure if it’s working?  We will gladly come out to take a look at all components of the system and repair or replace any parts that are not functioning correctly.

 Since we keep a large supply of parts and equipment in stock, we can often repair the system same day, however on rare occasions, we may need to special order the equipment.







According to the EPA, there are several techniques that can be used when building a house that can drastically reduce radon levels.  These techniques are oftentimes much less expensive to employ than having to install an active system after the house is completed, saving builders money and giving them a marketing advantage.

We will come to the job-site, assess the situation, and work with the builder to figure out the best building techniques for each situation.


Big Horn Radon, LLC is owned and operated by Stephen Fotiades and his wife, Taylor.

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